Teco: Kanzi’s Nephew, A New Chapter in Ape Language Studies

How Does Teco Communicate?

image sourced from apeinitiative.org

Teco, like his uncle Kanzi, possesses impressive communication abilities. Here’s a glimpse into Teco’s world of language:

Understanding Spoken English

Teco can comprehend spoken English, demonstrating an advanced cognitive skill for a bonobo. This understanding allows him to follow instructions and likely grasp conversations happening around him.

Lexigram System: A Tool for Expression

Teco utilizes a lexigram system to express himself. Lexigrams are symbols that represent specific words or concepts. By manipulating these lexigrams, Teco can communicate his needs and desires.

Making Requests and Sharing Thoughts

With the lexigram system, Teco can request things he wants, like his favorite food – grapes! He might also use lexigrams to express basic thoughts and ideas.

Next Up: Similarities and Differences Between Teco and Kanzi

In the following section, we’ll compare Teco and Kanzi’s communication skills, exploring both their shared abilities and unique strengths.

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