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5 Effective Strategies for Acquiring New Customers at Scale Using Facebook

There are many excellent reasons why Facebook is a great platform for brands to acquire new customers at scale. Advanced targeting options enable you to create ads that focus on the people most likely to purchase. Creative ad options help you display ads, which are unique and eye-catching. There is much more! Here are the 5 proven strategies that want to acquire new customers on Facebook. Read on!

1. Reveal Promotions on Facebook

If you collect data, analyze your customers’ behavior, and study purchase patterns, you can accurately personalize the Facebook experience by age group. For example, you analyze your company’s sales and find that customers over 40 years of age are likely to use promo codes and coupons you can share discounts on Facebook.

It is because people of all age groups use Facebook. On the other hand, if your product or service has a much younger user base, you can use Snapchat and Instagram to promote your brand. This is why you need to analyze which social media platform aligns best with your target audience.

Using the right social media channel can help you target more potential audience and turn them into customers. Since Facebook has millions of users of all age groups, it gives you a broad opportunity to acquire new customers.

2. Share Unique and Timely Content

Unlike other social media platforms, Facebook is an effective marketing tool because it does not limit the timeframe and characters for posts that appear on the brand page. This enables you to create high-quality and unique content.

Once the content is created, it can be shared on your page. These can be links to your company’s articles, blog posts, or sales page. When you get more traction on your posts, it will frequently appear in the newsfeed of your followers.

Make sure you write unique content that perfectly highlights the current events of your company. This is a sophisticated way to garner the attention of your audience who will share it on their timelines. This increases the likelihood of getting more customers.

Focus on sharing content from your website. Also, promote your own product or content and encourage audience engagement.

3. Target Your Ads

The primary advantage of Facebook is its excellent advertising platform. Experts recommend creating targeted ads as well as A/B testing to get more value from your ad spend. It is easy to target your ads based on the demographics, locations, age, gender, behavior, and interests of the users.

Facebook users like over 4 million posts every sixty seconds, proving that if you can post the right content at the right time in front of the right audience, you will accomplish massive reach and engagement.

4. Use Retargeting Pixel

Facebook retargeting pixel is a strategic and productive tool. This powerful tool works by following your leads all around the web. For example, once users visited your website, you can retarget these users with your ad in their Facebook newsfeed. This is the most interesting feature offered by Facebook that can help you acquire more and more customers.

In advertising and marketing, effective frequency refers to the number of times a user needs to be exposed to your ad before he or she takes action. With Retargeting Pixel, you can make sure users are exposed to your advertising message enough times that they become familiar with your company, brand, or product.

Additionally, you can successfully segment your retargeting efforts based on the users’ level of interest. For instance, if a customer visits your sales page and exits the website, you can retarget him or her differently than users who place items in the shopping cart but do not complete their purchase.

5. Interact With Your Customers

You can provide exceptional service and interact with your customers through Facebook Live Chat feature – right on your website. You can get this feature through a plugin, an extension, or an app depending on which platform your company website is built on.

Facebook chat is efficient and reliable. It has proven to manage even larger audiences. So, you can install any third-party premium extension or plugin on your website to interact with customers.

This way, you give customers the option to chat with your team if they have any queries about the product or service. At the same time, it allows you to promote your Facebook brand page inadvertently. A customer chatting with you is more likely to check out your Facebook page and follow it.

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