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10 Tips: How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has caused office workers to work from home. The purpose was to follow the rules of social distancing to reduce the spread of the virus. For those who already had the experience of working at home, the efficiency was not the issue.

However, if you have switched from your office desk to the dining table with no work-from-home experience, you might be finding it slightly difficult to maintain a work-life balance. Here are the top 10 tips that will help you stay productive while working from home.

1. Create a Work Routine

Start each workday in the same way. Get up early in the morning, have breakfast, and check your emails to begin your day. You need to do exactly what you used to do previously. Make sure you stick to this routine.

2. Wear Office Clothes

You can wear casual attire but if you want to feel you are ready for work, you need to change your pajamas and wear more formal clothes. This creates a psychological impact. When finding yourself in a tie, you feel like you are sitting in the office. This surely has some sort of positive influence on your work-from-home attitude.

3. Create an Office Space

It is important to create a dedicated home office. Even if it is a comfy chair or half of your dining table, have an office space in the home will get you into the “office” mindset. You will feel like you are sitting at your office desk.

4. Make To-Do Lists

Create a detailed to-do list to keep on top of your tasks. Take 10-20 minutes at the start of your workday to create the list. Mention all tasks and objectives that you would like to achieve for the day.

5. Take Breaks

You can’t work all day long. It will exhaust you. Refresh your body and brain by taking short stretching breaks. Stand up and stretch for at least 2-3 minutes at the end of each hour. You can set reminders on your phone every hour.

6. Schedule Your Tasks

You are not the only one working from home during the pandemic. You have other working professionals who may need to join video meetings or chatting with their managers once in a while. Share your weekly schedules with your wife or brother (who are also working professionals). Otherwise, you will need a different workspace.

7. Stay Connected With Your Colleagues

Start off your work by greeting your colleagues, either through the online office portal, skype, zoom, or email. Ask how they spent their yesterday’s evening or if they have anything planned for the weekend.

8. Limit Distractions

Remove all temptations. Stay away from social media sites. Put your smartphone away while you are working. By limiting Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram distractions, you will stay productive while working from home.

9. Finish Your Work On Time

Just because you are working from home does not mean taking too many breaks or deciding to finish the work in the late evening. If your deadline is 2:00 PM, make sure you complete your task before the deadline. This will keep your focus on the task. Also, finishing your work before the deadline does not mean compromising on its quality.

10. Tune In To Your Inspiration

You can’t distract your colleagues from home. So, go ahead and play your favorite inspirational music, which will keep you moving. You can also try a soothing soundtrack, with instrumental music or natural sounds to refresh your brain. If you are doing repetitive tasks, a podcast or audiobook can also keep you motivated for work.

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